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What are the detoxification products available?

There are different detoxification products available on the market. They are divided into two categories:

Lack of energy and mental alertness - These products are effective for people who have poor energy and have difficulty concentrating. Some of these products are: Dietary supplements - A lot of diet supplements claim to be helpful for the body but actually don't do anything. They are usually sold over-the-counter. It is advisable to talk to a qualified health care provider before using any dietary supplement, but sometimes people use them for no other purpose. Cognitive enhancers - This is an area that has been researched extensively. The main idea is that it is beneficial to boost the brain's ability to perform cognitive functions like processing information. Cognitive enhancers have been shown to improve memory, concentration and attention. There are many types of cognitive enhancers that are available. One is known as "Nootropics" and is a blend of caffeine, a supplement known as piracetam and many other natural substances. Other popular cognitive enhancers include choline bitartrate (ChB) and choline bitartrate monohydrate (ChBM). Cognition enhancement - This refers to the practice of enhancing the intelligence of the brain through supplements. Some of the cognitive enhancers that you may hear mentioned are: L-theanine (L-theanine being a compound made up of the amino acids lysine, glutamate and tyrosine), l-theanine hydrochloride (l-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea), l-tryptophan (a precursor of serotonin), and n-acetyl cysteine (found in certain foods).

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Digest It

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