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What Are Protein Bars Made From?

Protein bars are made by mixing together protein powder, protein whey, and liquid egg whites . The protein powder is what provides the structure of the protein bars. The powder can be natural, artificial, or chemical. A protein bar usually has an egg white protein, a protein powder, and usually some type of fruit juice.

Some protein bars may contain other ingredients like chocolate or peanut butter. These may be added to increase the protein content of the bar. In some cases, the bar may be made with a milk substitute or other liquid, and may be flavored with fruit, milk, or other ingredients. Protein bars should be consumed within one to two hours of drinking them, so you don't get too much protein with the first one. Some protein bars may have less protein per serving than others, so you should read the label carefully before eating.

The following are protein bar ingredients, by category and type of product:

Egg Whites - Egg whites are the only source of protein in protein bars. They are the most protein-rich of all protein bars. Some protein bars may also be enriched with additional protein ingredients, such as whey protein concentrate, which is added to enhance the protein content.

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